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Queens Of The Stone Age

OMG, when was last time we were so amazed by a teaser ? Can’t really remember… Queens Of The Stone Age are back ! A few days before they release a new record, they just posted this crazy cartoon which may remind you of Akira . Enjoy these 15min of pure (dark) happiness !

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When we discovered the lineup of Les femmes s’en mêlent festival, a part from a few bands that we  already knew, we were particularly intrigued by one voice : Molly Gene One Whoaman Band. A little video found online sparked our interest and we wanted to see that with our own eyes and especially listen to it with ears wide-open.

We arrive a bit late to the show, Molly Gene is already performing but somehow we manage to dig our way towards the stage. First thought – the sound is fkn powerful! Once we have our ear protection in place, we realize that this lady is rocking her boots out on some kind of foot drums (a kind of weird and magical artifact that allows you to play all parts of a drum-set with only your feet).
Now, we always think that you must have balls to entertain an audience all by yourself and Molly Gene is certainly a ballsy woman. On top of that she’s got great charisma and her voice travels around, screams, goes back to blues et then back to almost hard-rock. Even though the music and the rhythm stay pretty constant, we don’t get bored, not even for a second. Little breaks are fun too as she jokes around with us and explain her next songs. This lady is a real character and it’s almost impossible to resist her charm. Her honesty pays off as the audience goes crazy and even us, we are not immune. Dear Molly, if you read this, we would be honored to have a chat with you next time you’re in Paris perhaps around a few glasses of wine ;)

Molly Gene (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.27.2013)


After this great show, the atmosphere changes with Teen who is gonna try to captivate us with its psychedelic pop. They’re young, american and good looking but not necessarily some kind of hipster trap. They’re good and, even though it’s hard not to compare them with Warpaint, Teen is slightly more psychedelic and tries to stay away for the « singles » format. The songs are long and some power climaxes makes us shiver a bit (and yeah, it’s a good thing!). Our only critique is that the show is a bit close as the four musicians seem to play more for them than for the audience. Lizzie (keys) and Katherine (drums) keep the same facial expression for 45 minutes, while Teeny (guitar/voice) and Jane (bass) manage to share a bit more with the public. It’s a detail, but this tiny barrier doesn’t allow us to get fully in the trip.

Teen (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.27.2013)


We don’t know the biggest name of the line-up tonight, Talk Normal. We think it’s great that this festival promotes original and experimental bands with no snobbery. However this main act just doesn’t work for us. We listened to the studio versions of Andrya and Sarah’s songs and it wasn’t half bad. However their live show is kind of different and somehow problematic. Their songs just don’t seem to take off nor looking for anything in particular. The singing is not bad but we could do without… It’s like if it was a bad feminine version of Swans who struggle to find a direction. It’s experimental, but not much. It’s melodic, but not enough. Sorry, we don’t want to sound like assholes. We are just trying to be honest and, very honestly, we had to leave the room after half an hour and judging from the audience, we were not the only ones slightly put off  by this band…

Talk Normal (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.27.2013)



Sometimes I just can’t believe how much I hate computers. Let’s take an easy example: a dead hard drive. Probably happened to you before, right? The story is that two years ago we discovered Mesparrow as an opening act for the amazing Cascadeur. Alone on stage, a raw music based on vocal loops and a true personality. We were charmed and even filmed her for an interview that night. You never saw it and you probably never will. All thanks to a dead hard drive. RIP.

In light of that we obviously couldn’t wait to see her again, especially now that we finally heard her first record (pretty good btw). The music festival Les femmes s’en mêlent made our wish come true with a lovely night focused on female singers held in a very pleasant venue (Le Divan du Monde). Still, the night started really, really, really (x 100) bad with Perrine en Morceaux. In all honesty, I really don’t understand that kind of (so called) “musical” project : meaningless video projections, bad beats, “voice noises” (yeah, we can’t really call that “singing”!) drowned in a sauce of cheap effects. It felt like watching  one of those artsy/elitist tv channel late at night. By the way, was it me or the audience didn’t even applaud between songs ? Eh well, farewell my friend.

Thank god (or whoever is involved), Peau were next on the list and brought hope back. Playing a brand of nice and dreamy pop music, the band, and especially their singer, looked a bit shy at first. Explanations came a bit later during the show – it was one of their first public performance ! That’s when I stopped doubting and started respecting them. Singing and whispering in French, the Peau’ singer – Perrine - shared with us her little stories and hassles. It was a  real cozy and intimate show, just as we like it. The band looked pretty happy to be there and started to gain confidence in the stage little by little. The last songs allowed us to hear what Perrine can create with her voice when she pushes it, and it was great! Guys, keep on the good work and be more confident – you got something special going on!

Peau (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.25.2013)

But the one artist that everybody is waiting for tonight is of course Mesparrow. Now supported by a well received first record, we must admit that the studio rendition of a few songs we knew sounded a bit frustrating. At first glimpse, we didn’t hear the magic that seduced us the first time. That’s why we wanted to check that live. And guess what ? The answer is “yes, she still got it”! Surrounded by a few charming elements on stage and very strong lights (sorry for the shitty pictures below), she entered the stage enveloped just like some kind of religious icon. Loops slowly started and magic became true. Mesparrow kept on developing her character and exploring her universe. Her new songs definitely reach another level of magnificence when played live.

During the one hour show we slowly move from a childlike universe (well, more a tweener one actually) with “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” to an almost lyrical singing on “The Symphony”. I shall not forget to mention the brilliant cover of “Stand By Me” and a crazy rendition of “My Heart Belongs To Daddy“. Such a rich variety of universes made the concert really interesting and we were captivated until the end of the show. Mesparrow really succeeded in transposing her own world on a stage while combining a weird mix of influences (did you hear the mambo vibe?). Can’t wait for what’s coming next !

Mesparrow (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.25.2013)

Thanks to Marion !



Dear Victoria, I think there was a misunderstanding. It all started well when I discovered your project Taken By Trees with the awesome East Of Eden a few years ago. To this day, it’s still a lovely record that I recommend to a lot of people. Your travel to Pakistan obviously was a great source of inspiration and this album belongs to the rare category of those that can actually make us “see” something, not only “hear”. You managed to build landscapes, scenes and moods like only a few can. That’s why I’d still recommend anyone to give it a listen.

You can then imagine that I was curious to meet the person who was behind this amazing piece of music. I was really happy to get an interview with you. From there, it all went wrong… You may remember, one of the first thing I asked you, off the record, was “are you ok ? You look tired…”. I was worried for you. Probably not the best way to start an interview, I admit. I also agree that I didn’t have the best questions in the world. I wish I had more time to prepare it. What came next was probably the worst interview I ever made… I’m still not sure if I’m gonna publish it or not. Let’s be honest : it clearly felt like you didn’t want to talk that day (I was the only interview in Paris), and I wasn’t the only one to feel that… Anyway, you were there to play a show, let’s talk about it then.

Let’s forget about the annoying opening act, you had nothing to do with it. Things started pretty well: good sound, interesting instruments on stage and a big screen showing dreamy videos. I couldn’t help but notice that you looked kind of absent. I’m not saying an artist has to smile on stage or be friendly (hey, I mainly go to metal shows !) but I like to feel when someone is happy to share something, happy to be here, happy to meet his audience. What about taking a look at Amanda Palmer’s presentation at Ted ? Maybe you’ll then understand what I mean. Your musicians did a good job, although I was a bit scared for your chorister as she looked very very sad the whole time. I’m also not sure about the way you were sometimes staring at your drummer… Did he do something wrong ? All these elements combined were distracting and did nothing to help me enter your universe – it felt so remote from the impact that East Of Eden had on me.

Don’t get me wrong here – I totally respect your new direction: Other Worlds is a good record and we can hear the love you put in it. But then the show ended and you decided to say goodbye, in a pretty cold way, adding that there would be no encore. That was it.

I think there was a misunderstanding. Like I told you, I know what’s it like to be on tour, far from your family, friends etc… Tonight was the last date on your European tour. Usually, bands celebrate, enjoy these last moments together before going back home. But I think that in your head you were already back home that day. The picture you posted… Please, tell me it’s true. That’s the only reason I can think of to explain how disappointing this show was.

Hope we’ll meet again, next time preferably on a sunny day.

Taken By Trees (Le Point Ephémère – Paris – 02.20.2013)

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Today, instead of celebrating Friday, we decided to share with you this dark piece of music by swedish band Cult Of Luna, served by an amazing video !

Is the sky upon your head grey ?


A female indie music festival, what more could we ask for ? As ou may have noticed on this blog, we have a little something for female singers, whether we’re talking about Brutal metal (Otep) or quiet lovely music (Taken By Trees). That’s why we encourage you to take a look at Les femmes s’en mêlent line up this year. We had a crush for Tiger Bell, Novella and Molly Gene (raw !). Check out the official teaser and make your grocery list out of it :

If you live in Paris, enjoy as much shows as you can (it’s usually pretty cheap and in cool venues !). If not, well you now officially have an excuse to spend a few days in the city of love (is it ? really ?) in march. See you there !

Official website and full line up