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I know, I know. It’s a stupid forced holiday, a poor excuse to buy crap, you don’t need a special day to celebrate your love and blah blah blah. Alright, I get it! But still…I don’t see the harm in a tiny little present once in a while.

Come on, I know you want it. And I know that you will bite your loved one’s head off if you don’t get a little gift this coming Valentine’s Day. So suck it up (capitalism and all that) and get to shopping. Here’s a little selection of awesome presents that I personally wouldn’t mind receiving (take a hint Mr Scarlet!). Click on the images to go to the shop…and happy money spending!

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As usual H&M is a godsend for those of us who are constantly broke but still want to play the fashion game and look hip! And this month they did it again with a sweet style guide (for chicks AND guys!) that summarizes a few Spring trends and shows you how to recreate those looks without going totally bankrupt….just a tiny bit. Which is completely legit ;)

And of course Miss Scarlet adores it because it’s all about mixing patterns and colours for a ‘sport smart & sweet but street’ look. And if you ask me, it looks very ’90s which is exactly what I’m digging at the moment (nostalgia is a bitch!!).

Happy shopping folks!

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Jeez….January is such a frustrating month for those of us who care about being stylish. I mean, sure, the sales are on and that’s kind of neat if you are a sick shopaholic like me. But you always end up buying a bunch of huge coats and wool accessories that you won’t really wear until next year.

Plus, the holiday break always gives me a big fat ass as a nice souvenir…I feel like a disco ball and nothing in my wardrobe fits anymore. Mrs White was right when she told me that John Lennon truly must have written “I am the Walrus” on January 3rd!

Anyway, let’s get out of this fashion coma and try to gather a little inspiration from the fashionable kids on the block, shall we?

Here’s a few hot looks that I dig from some of the coolest fashion bloggers out there. Take a peek at their blogs for more exciting outfits!

Check out (from left to right) Jenny, Cosette, Bekah, Elodie, India and Laura.
Read more to see a few hot looks for guys. [read more]

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For Fashion’ Sake



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For Fashion’Sake



Funny article about bicycle snobs! – Nylon Guys

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Crazy tights are still in! Have a look and see which style works best for you! –The Inside Source

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Every Fall I suffer from fashion blackout syndrome. It’s already too cold to wear summery stuff and still too warm for wintery clothes. The freakin rain doesn’t help either. Damn you inappropriate wardrobe!

It might be time to get a few fashion tips, so instead of looking at the crazyness that is brought to us by fashion week, I’d rather get a little inspiration from the stylish kids around the blogosphere.

I gathered up a few interesting looks from these hot guys and girls (go check their blogs for some more rad outfits) in the hope that it will keep us from going “too mainstream” and, instead, help us master the art of bringing back what used to be “in” and make it “in” again in our own funky way. Here we go.

Thanks to (from left to right): Tim, Kenneth, Evane, Bobby, Frederic and Charles

Thanks to (from left to right): Ebba, Betsy, Eszter, Tiffany, Julia and Michele

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