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The Mausoleum


On August 12, 2010, Lek and Sowat found an abandoned supermarket in the north of Paris. For a year, in the greatest of secrets, both artists continuously wandered in this 430,000 sq ft monument to paint murals and organize an illegal artistic residency, inviting forty French graffiti artists to collaborate, from the first to the last generation of the graffiti movement. Together they built a Mausoleum, a temple dedicated to their disappearing underground culture, slowly being replaced by street art and its global pop aesthetics.

Translation= expect a huge and kick-ass party there SOON!

Via Mausolee

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The Box




In 2012, more than ever, you’re going to see a lot of our friends showing off proudly  their new business cards stating « photographer ». You know, that friend who photographed an old empty chair in sepia, the one who has a Flickr account, or that one that told you you NEED a Tumblr account, etc… Indeed, the man we met for this interview also has “photographer” written on his business card. Yet, Stanley Greene’s work and career brought him to some of the most dangerous places in the world – as in fashion studios. Whenever he had to portray a model or a dead body, he did it with his own vision.

Schilt Publishing recently had the brilliant idea to summaraise Greene’s long career with a very impressive trailer. More powerful than any introduction about Stanley Greene; we would like to steal two minutes of your life , so you can hear the man speak for himself. So turn the volume up and take it straight to your face !


We had the pleasure to meet him in Paris last September, to talk about love, life, his job and the ongoing fight between digital photography and film. Click below to read the complete interview.

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