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When you decide to embark on Air Bonnie Li, you have to expect some disturbances along the way. Because if the plane quickly gains height, it also has the secret power to pressurize the soul.

The loops of her music samples and the gliding flights of her voice propel you in the skies. Nothing is random; all shock waves are planned. Like her music, your air hostess’ body twists and distorts. Her shouts and words rape the stage but at the same time her music and her voice caress your ear. And here you are, peacefully disoriented.

Chinese, French and English… Bonnie Li’s tower of Babel is far from collapsing. On the opposite, her tower rises up above the ground thanks to the harmonious asymmetry of its complex musical architecture. Electro, rock, trip-hop… In the course of your journey, the music doesn’t stop changing. And your stewardess takes a gleeful delight in short-circuiting the plane in full flight. Even after hitting air pockets, her plane keeps flying softly through electric skies while her voice brings sunny spells. Using as instruments, the repeated chants and intertwined vocals create a hypnotic musical jet lag.

And if you listen carefully to the safety instructions that these voices give you, you will see new fast-approaching landscapes through the window of the plane. If you want to visit these sceneries, you just have to follow your hostess who will narrate and pilot you through the wilderness. Stealthily and in her own way, Bonnie Li will then invite you to visit and reinvent the story of her road movie: her musical air-movie.

So, once the airplane has landed safely, you will leave the plane realizing that your trip with Air Bonnie Li is in fact just beginning.

Air Bonnie Li? The art of flying.

Bonnie Li’s next flight is scheduled for January 27, 2012 (Café de Paris). For more information, please visit Air Bonnie Li’s website at

To ask questions, get booked on the next flight schedule or to check out Bonnie Li’s first EP, please visit:

Thanks to the uber-cool Nawel Morrison for the article and check out Bonnie Li’s vid below for a little taste of this explosive new artist.


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By the way, can I just start this post by confessing that I am not 100% sure of the meaning of the term “extravaganza” but that I think that it’s such a cool word that I feel the need to randomly use it even when not completely appropriate. Anyway.

It’s that time of the year!! Yes, like it or not, the atrocious Christmas season is upon us! Don’t get me wrong, I do like Christmas as much as the next drunk-ass. What’s not to like in a season where you can sit on the couch in your pajama all day long, watching horrendous TV shows, listening to the ramblings of your old folks, while shamelessly alternating sweet and salty snacks and take the opportunity to be back in your childhood home (finally as an adult) to empty the liquor cabinet under the I-judge-you-but-nothing-I-can-do about-it look of your mother?

It’s just that together with the season comes this dreadful obligation to be chipper and festive and, let’s face it, it’s hard to comply with all this imposed joy in a month when people are stressed out of their minds and work is at its bitchiest peak of the year.

My favorite way to force my cynical self in the holiday spirit is to put up the Christmas tree. The process itself is a very vicious one…I mean, you know what I am talking about. Ornaments that need to be handled like raw eggs otherwise they get smashed in a billion pieces, garlands that leave a glittery ordeal all around them… and the lights?  Damn the lights! Somehow, I always forget that the they need to be put first and not last like I normally end up doing while I cuss like a sailor and risk death by electric shock. So, yes, all in all it’s an abominable practice but the result is pretty cool and it’s guaranteed to put you in a merry spirit!

Now, having said that, the Xmas tree is a pretty traditional affair but that doesn’t mean that you cannot put a touch of crazy – I know you have it in you! – in the whole process, like the following pictures so vehemently testify.

Call them bonkers if you will but I must admit that some of these crazy (even though they would prefer to be called “alternative” ) trees could totally fit in my living room. Like the beer bottles one. I could totally co-habit with that baby, especially if the bottles are full. And how about the Mary-Jane one? Just what I need to help me put up my parents insanity over the holiday break. Oh, and please keep me far away from the sushi one because, as my friends know, there’s pretty much nothing that I wouldn’t do for a mountain of Japanese deliciousness like that one. Yum.

Some of them are just plain creepy. Barbie doll Xmas tree? Seriously? Cause nothing screams Christmas like 50 pairs of plastic legs and boobs. And I couldn’t even bear to look at the upside down tree without puking up my eggnog all over the carpet!

Anyway, enjoy this little gallery and remember that, just because it’s Christmas, you don’t necessarily have to tone down the crazy!

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It was announced earlier this month that the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) also known as the USFDA (United States Department of Health and Human Services) is dramatically changing its policies on how it gauges the health and safety of food and drugs. Due to an overwhelming lack of any intelligence, the agency is doing a comparative study rather than basing its findings on actual merit. The FDA is basing a majority of its methods now on the adage of what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

New labeling on food and drug products will be simplified using these methods of comparison. Packs of cigarettes, for instance, will give you an example of how they are worse for you than eating broccoli, but far healthier than chopping off you own head. Instead of boring words, there will be bright colorful pictures to help consumers make wise choices.

This change is widespread and is growing with support. One of the biggest lobbyist is the Mc Donalds franchise. With this lift on actually stating what garbage their food really is; they are able to call it both low fat and healthy. Using the comparison standards of the new FDA regulations, Mc Donalds food is both low fat and healthy compared to a brick of lard sprinkled with arsenic, but only just.

It is no secret that the FDA is an agency responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED),veterinary products, and cosmetics. (Phew, that was a mouthful) Due to government cutbacks, the agency is expanding to take on supervising the ethical practices of these companies responsible for manufacturing products under the pre-mentioned categories. This in turn, will make the companies virtually untouchable by lawsuits against them.

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Rock On, Culters!!


Time to end the radio silence and get back to our regularly scheduled program Culters! Let’s slow down the pace a notch, empty our minds, forget work and life worries and simply let the music guide us back to that special place where a note, a melody, a lyric puts everything back into perspective and the world makes sense once again.

So get ready to mellow out in your favourite chair or dance and sing at the top of your lungs… this playlist has it all.

It’s good to be back Culters… rock on!


The Lime Bros

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