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Wednesday night at the Alhambra – a very nice and cozy space in Paris that you must check out if you’re ever around – was the first date of the new tour of Blood Red Shoes. Obviously, I could not miss it. The duo, formed in 2004 in Brighton, slowly but surely continue their adventures with a third album: “In Time To Voices” (stream it here!). This is what they have to say about this effort:

“We always said that if we make it to three albums then it’s time to really fucking go for it. This album has more love, more hard work, more feeling poured into it than anything we’ve recorded in the past, and a lot of that comes out in our vocals I think. We focused more than ever on the vocal melodies and how to wrap our voices around each other in the right places – we wanted to make an album that was heavier than before, more beautiful before and always has strong vocals to lead you through.”

Now back to the gig which opens with their new single “Cold”. But hold your horses:  only a few of their new songs are performed tonight, leaving the focus to their previous hits from the first two  albums.

I am not complaining though because furious hits like “It’s getting boring by the sea”, “I Wish I was someone better”, “Don’t ask” and my favorite “Light it up” make it really difficult not to feel a rush of exhilaration. A powerful Steven Ansell, always keen to crack a joke with the crowd,  and a more discrete but uber- gorgeous Laura-Mary Carter, have the ability to completely enrapture their audience.

The show flows smoothly and entertains all. The final soNG “Je me perds” – from their new album – end the experience with a very haunting feeling. Not surprising considering that the track is said to have been created after a night of wild and drug-fuelled partying! Well, the result is excellent.

All in all a very good gig, even though I must admit that I would have liked to see more of the new songs on stage. Yes I would have really fancied that. But it might be a little bit too soon for the band to feel confortable to really, fully perform such a different album on stage. First show, first show. Don’t be greedy!

Cheers to Sandra from for the cool and very ghostly pictures – a bunch of them after the jump!

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In the interest of full disclosure and complete transparency, I have to admit that I am really addicted to blind gossiping. What is blind gossiping you ask? It’s when you trash celebrities but you keep their identities obscured and you try to guess the charachters in question through witty clues provided by the writers. It’s basically just stupid gossip  made particularly juicy by the fact that you have to embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes if you want to find who slept with who! Now, normally this crap is all about Hollywood celebs and kind of boring….but I just found one particular blind item that might be of interest to you guys because it’s about two lead singers – both males – who allegedly had a hot fling not wo long ago – Juicy!!! So here we go, let’s try and guess this one together.

[Via BlindGossip] Singer 1 is the lead singer of a rock band. From the outside, he appears to be a loving, devoted husband. However, according to Singer 2 (who is the lead singer of another band), he’s also a freak in bed. The two only had a one-night stand, but Singer 2 spared no detail in recapping the encounter for band-mates. Actually, they didn’t even blush because they already knew that Singer 1 has an impressive collection of S&M gear that leaves little to the imagination. However, they were surprised to learn that Singer 1 is bisexual. That’s right, Singer 1 and Singer 2 are both male singers.

Uhuuu!!! Who’s singer 1 and who’s singer 2?? Any ideas?? Could it involve the infamous Adam Levine of Maroon 5? He’s got a history of relationships with super hot models but somehow he always gave me a gay vibe… Same for Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, rumors of his bi-sexuality have been going around forever! Come on folks – brainstorm with me!

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Via Gothamist

The one with hipsters is a very complicated love/hate relationship of ours. I mean, even the definition of “hipster” these days is so fuckin contentious that it’s difficult to give. Basically, an hipster is someone who listens to bands you’ve never heard of, wears ironic t-shirts and believes that they are generally better than you. Also, they hate corporations and everything mainstream, yet still buy Apple products.

Oh wait. That DOES sound like us. So are WE hipsters? Probably. But if so, we’re in total denial and we still chose to make fun of them when we see one in the streets walking, ever so coolly, in their skinny jeans and apple green Vans.  Plus we are concerned to see that these weird and highly annoying beings are spreading like freakin mushrooms and we think it’s high time for big government to do something about it.

So imagine our excitement when we saw THIS genius idea! Hipster Traps! But of course!! Just put a pair of ray-ban and a very vintage looking camera in a corner and you’re bound to trap some of those damned hipsters! It’s easier than catching mosquitos really. So go ahead, my friend, and do not hesitate for a second bringing this wonderful innovative idea to your city. Everybody, and I mean EVERYbody will be so grateful that you got rid of this nasty infestation, that you’ll be the hero of the day!



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Blame Metallica


Thanks to the always informed people at Wired, I have been reminded that, on this very day – April 13th – 12 years ago, a little band called Metallica began an annoying crusade to stop what was then considered THE downloaders’ paradise: the legendary Napster.

For those of you too young to remember, Napster was a wonderful service created by – then youngster – Shawn Fanning, that allowed people to easily share their MP3 files with other folks. Let me tell you this, it was awesome and, for a while, it was definetely one of the best platforms online!

Unfortunately, however, all good things come to an end and it wasn’t long until a little group of artists started bitching about Napster and how much the filesharing was hurting their art and efforts.

First in line were Metallica, the greedy bastards! Dont’ get me wrong, I am a pretty huge Metallica fan (at least I was until “…And Justice for All”) and I understand that copyright infringement might be a serious problem for some artists who struggle to make ends meet. But for Metallica? Puh-lease!!! These guys have been around since 1981, they have sold gazillions of records all over the world, got 13 platinum albums, have toured every two years for the past three decades… they’re on a freakin Forbes list for crying out loud! And still, no matter how rich and famous they were and are, they had to go and file a lawsuit against Napster, which, obviously, marked the beginning of the end for the epic pirates’ hotspot.

Meanwhile, other artists were actually looking at the positive and useful side of such a service. Like Ian MacKaye, from Fugazi, who said “Most people I know who use Napster listen to stuff they’ve never heard before. And then they get psyched and go out and buy the damn records. It’s more like a sampler.” Of course!

So, yes, 12 years later I still blame Metallica for this sad piece of music history. The year when Napster went down and Metallica lost my respect. Then again, we know that the story didn’t end there and that pirates will be pirates no matter what happens – which basically means that there will always be a place for filesharing if you look hard enough. But let’s not forget that, even though Napster in its original form is long gone, its legacy is still very much alive (iTunes, anyone?).

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