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Winter is Coming!!


Lions and tigers and … dragons?!! Ooh my?! You heard me right Culters, I said dragons. No, this is not a recap of the Wizard of Oz. This is a friendly reminder that Game of Thrones season 2 has officially started! The show picks up right where it left off: power hungry people everywhere, secrets unraveling alliances being made and hell on the verge of breaking lose. The cold winds are rising and winter is definitely coming and it is going to be long and bloody!

Here’s a little teaser to get your mouths watering… Enjoy Culters! And let us know what you think of the new episode!


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Titanic Too


OMG culters, the obsession is back. Titanic – aka the Failboat – has hit the screens again. AGAIN!! Seriously. Because that mess of a movie didn’t do enough damages back in the 90s it had to be resurrected. Just when bitches around the globe were finally done reenacting that barf-inducing love-scene in the front of the ship ( yes the one that even you, mah friend, are not immune to – I saw you on that ferry boat!) they had to bring it back. I mean, who can forget the level of lunatic hysteria the first time around? Back in high school I had a friend who went to see the movie 55 times! I mean, 55 freakin times! Bitch is probably still in therapy for that.

Anyway, shit is back and there’s nothing we can do about it. Are you going to watch? On one side, I gotta say that I am tempted. I mean it’s 3D after all. Last time I went to see a 3D movie, I was so stoned I was a freakin airplane and spent 25 bucks on candy so, naturally, I really enjoyed it. But there’s probably no amount of herbal magic that could make up for the 3 hours of cheesy drama that I really hated even though I was a lame teenager…and then there’s Kate Winslet – don’t even get me started on that grumpy looking chick. Without mentioning the shitty ending: “I’ll never let go Jack, I’ll never let go.” (and yet she lets him go sink into the ocean because bitch was speaking metaphorically. Whore!). So all in all, I made up my mind and I am staying away from this mess. What about you Culters, can you stomach it?

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Culters! We’re back with a vengeance! Yes, we have been missing in action for a while now. Blame it on the change of season and our recurring L.A.S. ( lazy ass syndrome)… and on the fact that for a second there, the universe was going boring and we felt uninspired.

But then we saw this guy, and the world suddenly made sense again. Because until there are individuals worthy of our respect, like the magnificent specimen below, we feel that it’s our duty to stick to the blog and report these unmissable happenings to you, our not-so-innocent bystanders. So get ready for some juicy stuff coming up soon.

Meanwhile, watch this real treat for the 100th time and think that it could have been worst. Me and my homies, we usually pick Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”, my favorite drunk-ass tune of all times! The quality of the rendition is proportional to the quantity of booze ingested, obviously.

And you? How do you delight your audiences when you’re shit faced?

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