Style Pills: Diesel Dirty Denim


Hey there, fashion lovers! So it appears that dirty jeans are back.
Whaaaaaaat? You say. Yeah man, I say. In fact you might have noticed that fashion designers seriously lack imagination and the same stuff keep coming back every 3-4 years or so.

Therefore I hope you haven’t thrown away your circa ’95 wardrobe, because dirty denim is once again back in our lives! If you have, however, no worries; because Diesel has an entire new collection dedicated to dirty wash jeans, all kinds of cool denim in every possible shape and colour…check it out here!

Oh, and if you don’t know what dirty denim is just imagine a pair of jeans on a miner coming out from a long hard day of work…stains, holes and a general filthy look. Why would you want a pair of jeans like that, you ask? Because it’s cool! So jump on the trend and happy shopping!

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