Festival Fashion!


Warning: this post is FOR GIRLS ONLY! Yeah okay, dudes might be interested in taking a peek as well since there are so many cute girls in awesome rock’n'roll outfits and, really, how can you resist that?

Anyway. I just thought it would be cool to check out a few inspiring styles from one of the most fashionable festivals around: Coachella!

In fact this Californian festival, which took place in April,  is not only proud to have one of the most amazing line-ups of the season (check out what you missed here….buhuuuuu) but has also become one of the most can’t miss fashion gatherings in the world (except for us ’cause we missed it and we’re still alive!). Featuring side events and after parties hosted by the likes of Philip Lim, Mulberry, All Saints and Adidas, all the Hollywood stars and fashion bloggers flocked to Coachella to see and be seen in their hot ensembles.

Which makes me wonder….is this a music festival or a fashion orgy? I mean, I love the glam factor, don’t get me wrong, but it isnt’ really rock’n'roll…or is it?? Surely Janis Joplin would not approve of a stars-studded, champagne-flooded pool-party… or would she?  Well, who cares.

Let’s just look at these hot chicks in their rad outfits and hopefully we can gather some ideas for OUR own festival adventures. Can’t wait!

A LOT more pictures after the jump!

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4 Responses to “Festival Fashion!”

jinnylou24 May, 2011 à 3 h 15 min

these girls are sooooooooooooooooo skinny!!!!!! I love the two girls with the flowers and vintage dresses in the last picture!!

MattDC26 May, 2011 à 8 h 42 min

Yes, this post is for the girls only. I’ve reviewed it four times, frame by frame, and I can attest that it’s likely to be of interest only to the ladies.
Okay, I’m going to review it now one more time, just to make sure.

ClueCult27 May, 2011 à 3 h 44 min

Ahahahah. I want to hear the frame by frame comments!!! Cause I am sure it’s all about fashion…right?

MattDC29 May, 2011 à 5 h 21 min

Okay, why not.?
#1 – Two lovely ladies in serious need of a sandwich. I just happen to have two, and a bottle of red.
#2 – Stylish Cowgirl in search of her mount
#3 – If that were any more transparent, you’d need to get a restraining order
#4 –My gorgeous future ex-wives, sharing tips on how to avoid me.
#5 – Lovely hair, stylish boots, and attitude that says “I already have a restraining order against you.”
#6 — Damn, so do they.
Enough fantasy for one day, Miss Scarlet. I’ll go back to the concert reviews.

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