Amanda’s Amazing Tattoos


Even though I’ve never really had the balls to get a big kick ass tattoo on myself, I am a huge fan of body ink, especially if it’s well executed and out of the ordinary.

That’s why when I saw Amanda Wachob portfolio I was blown away. Look at this inventive work! It doesn’t even look like tattoos. I just love the use of colour and the lightness of the design.  Seriously amazing!

Amanda’s abstract tattoos are probably her most original work but if you feel like something really simple and yet unique you should also check out her conceptual line of body art called “bloodlines”. It’s basically a simple tattoo but executed with distilled water instead of ink which makes the marking impermanent. It’s also very meaningful as it is intended that as your body heals the mark, the symbol’s energies are absorbed. Cool stuff, right?

So if you’re planning to get some ink done and you want something totally unconventional, think about taking a little trip to New York city where you can get an appointment with the amazing Amanda at Dare Devil Tattoo.

Oh, and thanks to Grace at Design Sponge for introducing me to this awesome artist. Check out her website for the coolest design tips and inspiration!

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