Real Life Superheroes to the Rescue!


Phoenix Jones, the self appointed Seattle superhero, faces assault charges but is currently out on bail. Though Jones was not formally charged Thursday. Seattle City attorney’s staff said they were still deciding whether to file charges. Outside of a Seattle courthouse, Phoenix Jones, dressed in his black and gold suit under a collared shirt, removed his hood identifying himself as Ben Fodor. A group of journalists were there to capture the event.

Early Sunday morning Jones was arrested after using pepper spray to break up a fight in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Phoenix isn’t alone in this vigilante stand against crime. There are even more Superheroes, and have been stopping crime for over a year. There are claims of up to three hundred citizen superheroes nationwide.

This is not another comic-book turned movie; this is actually someones superhero fantasy come to life. It is rumored that the superhero movement is invoked by Kitty Genovese, a New York City woman who was murdered in the 60′s while bystanders did nothing to aid her calls for help.

Many cities are “safer” thanks to these masked heros, or at least more entertained by their antics? This is all too true to have been made up. When I first heard the stories, I too shook my head in disbelief, and am still shaking it. I ask who among you haven’t once dreamed of having a super power or cool gadgets to fight crime?

All this bad publicity makes me think of poor misunderstood Hancock, he had good intentions, but often lacked in the finesse to stay out of clutches of the law. I commend these do-gooders. If more citizens would become more involved in their communities, and didn’t idly watch as crimes get committed, this would be a safer world that we live in. I wish you well Phoenix Jones, keep the dream of a safe world alive, just try not to break the law while trying to uphold it.

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