Why Fly with Air Bonnie Li?


When you decide to embark on Air Bonnie Li, you have to expect some disturbances along the way. Because if the plane quickly gains height, it also has the secret power to pressurize the soul.

The loops of her music samples and the gliding flights of her voice propel you in the skies. Nothing is random; all shock waves are planned. Like her music, your air hostess’ body twists and distorts. Her shouts and words rape the stage but at the same time her music and her voice caress your ear. And here you are, peacefully disoriented.

Chinese, French and English… Bonnie Li’s tower of Babel is far from collapsing. On the opposite, her tower rises up above the ground thanks to the harmonious asymmetry of its complex musical architecture. Electro, rock, trip-hop… In the course of your journey, the music doesn’t stop changing. And your stewardess takes a gleeful delight in short-circuiting the plane in full flight. Even after hitting air pockets, her plane keeps flying softly through electric skies while her voice brings sunny spells. Using as instruments, the repeated chants and intertwined vocals create a hypnotic musical jet lag.

And if you listen carefully to the safety instructions that these voices give you, you will see new fast-approaching landscapes through the window of the plane. If you want to visit these sceneries, you just have to follow your hostess who will narrate and pilot you through the wilderness. Stealthily and in her own way, Bonnie Li will then invite you to visit and reinvent the story of her road movie: her musical air-movie.

So, once the airplane has landed safely, you will leave the plane realizing that your trip with Air Bonnie Li is in fact just beginning.

Air Bonnie Li? The art of flying.

Bonnie Li’s next flight is scheduled for January 27, 2012 (Café de Paris). For more information, please visit Air Bonnie Li’s website at https://www.facebook.com/bonnieliproject

To ask questions, get booked on the next flight schedule or to check out Bonnie Li’s first EP, please visit: http://bonnieli.zimbalam.com

Thanks to the uber-cool Nawel Morrison for the article and check out Bonnie Li’s vid below for a little taste of this explosive new artist.


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One Response to “Why Fly with Air Bonnie Li?”

Jack Guy22 December, 2011 à 7 h 16 min

I am her biggest FAN!! She is the SHIT!!!

Love love love!!!

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