Blind Gossip – Lead Singers’ Wild Fling!


In the interest of full disclosure and complete transparency, I have to admit that I am really addicted to blind gossiping. What is blind gossiping you ask? It’s when you trash celebrities but you keep their identities obscured and you try to guess the charachters in question through witty clues provided by the writers. It’s basically just stupid gossip  made particularly juicy by the fact that you have to embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes if you want to find who slept with who! Now, normally this crap is all about Hollywood celebs and kind of boring….but I just found one particular blind item that might be of interest to you guys because it’s about two lead singers – both males – who allegedly had a hot fling not wo long ago – Juicy!!! So here we go, let’s try and guess this one together.

[Via BlindGossip] Singer 1 is the lead singer of a rock band. From the outside, he appears to be a loving, devoted husband. However, according to Singer 2 (who is the lead singer of another band), he’s also a freak in bed. The two only had a one-night stand, but Singer 2 spared no detail in recapping the encounter for band-mates. Actually, they didn’t even blush because they already knew that Singer 1 has an impressive collection of S&M gear that leaves little to the imagination. However, they were surprised to learn that Singer 1 is bisexual. That’s right, Singer 1 and Singer 2 are both male singers.

Uhuuu!!! Who’s singer 1 and who’s singer 2?? Any ideas?? Could it involve the infamous Adam Levine of Maroon 5? He’s got a history of relationships with super hot models but somehow he always gave me a gay vibe… Same for Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, rumors of his bi-sexuality have been going around forever! Come on folks – brainstorm with me!

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