HOT GIG – Blood Red Shoes


Wednesday night at the Alhambra – a very nice and cozy space in Paris that you must check out if you’re ever around – was the first date of the new tour of Blood Red Shoes. Obviously, I could not miss it. The duo, formed in 2004 in Brighton, slowly but surely continue their adventures with a third album: “In Time To Voices” (stream it here!). This is what they have to say about this effort:

“We always said that if we make it to three albums then it’s time to really fucking go for it. This album has more love, more hard work, more feeling poured into it than anything we’ve recorded in the past, and a lot of that comes out in our vocals I think. We focused more than ever on the vocal melodies and how to wrap our voices around each other in the right places – we wanted to make an album that was heavier than before, more beautiful before and always has strong vocals to lead you through.”

Now back to the gig which opens with their new single “Cold”. But hold your horses:  only a few of their new songs are performed tonight, leaving the focus to their previous hits from the first two  albums.

I am not complaining though because furious hits like “It’s getting boring by the sea”, “I Wish I was someone better”, “Don’t ask” and my favorite “Light it up” make it really difficult not to feel a rush of exhilaration. A powerful Steven Ansell, always keen to crack a joke with the crowd,  and a more discrete but uber- gorgeous Laura-Mary Carter, have the ability to completely enrapture their audience.

The show flows smoothly and entertains all. The final soNG “Je me perds” – from their new album – end the experience with a very haunting feeling. Not surprising considering that the track is said to have been created after a night of wild and drug-fuelled partying! Well, the result is excellent.

All in all a very good gig, even though I must admit that I would have liked to see more of the new songs on stage. Yes I would have really fancied that. But it might be a little bit too soon for the band to feel confortable to really, fully perform such a different album on stage. First show, first show. Don’t be greedy!

Cheers to Sandra from for the cool and very ghostly pictures – a bunch of them after the jump!


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