SKINSITIVE – the “Twice-Born”


The legend says that during a Dionysian festival, the priestess Lydia Lunch celebrated the union of PJ Harvey and Trent Reznor to create, in the industrial and alternative cave of the Rock, the orgiastic music of Skinsitive.

During the ceremony, Dionysus appeared himself to designate, from among the Bacchae, the One who will give birth to the creature. It is said that she was called by the name of Virginia. The gestation lasted several years during which the delirious and schizoid inspiration that Virginia experienced produced orphic ceremonies on stage.

From the Scène Bastille to La Boule Noire, from the Klub to the Sezamo, people celebrated her ecstatic performances. The pregnant Virginia convulsed, roared and struggled relentlessly as the creature growing inside her was whispering to her ear chaos and harmony, exhorting her to sacred furies.

On stage, Virginia was indeed crying out from labor pains and the agony of giving birth. But in the Spring of 2012, Her(tz)oïn slowly arises in the twilight  of the Studio Zoé H (CNK, Herrschaft).

Singular and disturbing, the divine child is born! Its syncopated rhythms find their first breath in excess and drunkenness, provoking pleasure and dismay. And there it is, screaming its first shouts of guitars and whispering its first emotions of piano while Lynn SK draws with light the prophecy of the life and death of Her(tz)oÏn.

This map of mysteries delivered to the mother of the creature incites her to start her quest. With Her(tz)oïn nestled against her, Virginia begins her 14 tracks initiatory route.

Trying to rid herself of her past, she then bares her body and soul to regain her life – born painfully from herself. Dramatizing her anger, ironizing her sweetness, disdaining her suffering, Virginia takes us In the Whoredom of Hell. The metallic and electronic dissonance vomits the guilt of her oppressors. Her screams and notes are like knives wounds inflected to the culprits, stabbing their flesh, splattering the dance floor with their blood.

At the back of the mental backroom of Fuckorama, Virginia, with her guitar and Her(tz)oïn hanging on her back, finds her way towards the light. But if the sun seems to rise over the lands of Nostalgicide, Virginia continues to cry for help. Because only the blood spilled by Anxiorexia will finally draw the red and long road to Serenity. Coming out from marsh of blood, Her(tz)oïn is then born again.

And that’s how the legend of  Skinsitive began.

This inspired post has been kindly provided by the amazing Nawel Morrison. Thanks N!



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