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Honestly, I don’t know any Swedish metal bands”. Damn you, The Mob, you just killed a cliché about your lovely (but cold) country ! Well, let’s just say that Sweden is well known for amazing metal bands AND great electronic music (The Knife). The Mob clearly belongs to the second category and may become just as big as his elders. Here is why.

Formed a few years ago by Julia and Emma, The Mob is devoted to help these 2 dancers express themselves whether it’s through  music, dance, performance or “whatever you can do on a stage” !
So how was this show ? Great ! It wasn’t entirely obvious at the start, as the sound check was kind of never ending and punctuated with a lot of technical troubles. But around 9 PM, here they are, ready to go. Apparently, Emma is going to lead the show tonight, as, after only a couple of songs, she conquered the center of the stage showing her capacities as a dancer. Her voice is sometimes altered by a vocoder which leads us to make a comparison with the amazing Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer Andersson, also a member of The Knife).

Mr. Drummer, (whose name I don’t know…), is not forgotten, as he’ll be literally possessed by a few beats whether he uses a glass of water, his computer or his electronic drum kit. An organic aspect, that gives The Mob this little something that majorities of their peers desperately need.  Julia’s voice is the other element that should promise the band a nice future. It’s pretty hard to describe what makes it so unique, (apart from their Nordic origins), but the goose-flesh sensation during the amazing single “Red Swan” is probably the best advice I’d give to understand it (see below, give it a try !).

There is clearly a very personal universe which revolves around The Mob. When asked, they describe it as “poetical, literal and quiet absurd, surrealistic”. Tonight was just a preview of it and of what a live performance from these 3 could be. I don’t dare to imagine how awesome it will be with their own lights guy and, let’s say, a few videos in the back. Can’t wait to hear more from them !

Thanks a lot to Marion and Vincent !

The Mob (Le point Ephémère – Paris – 05.28.2012)


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