Blind Gossip – I want to Believe!


This is via Blind Gossip and it’s too good. If you are a TV geek  like me you will read the cryptic piece of gossip below and you will shout uncontrollably: yes! Finally! Let it be true! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

We are always alerting you to the newest fake couple. Today, we want to alert you to a new real couple!

This is all her doing. The two actors were colleagues, and remained good friends after their project ended. The truth is that they have always been attracted each other. But they were always in committed relationships with other people. The only place they were a couple was in the annals of fan fiction. Until now…

He left his wife over a year ago, and she just left her boyfriend. Now that her personal relationship has collapsed, however, the path is clear for them to be a real couple! She is encouraging him to announce his divorce, and, once he does, they will start making appearances together. We don’t have an exact time frame for this announcement, but hear that it may be before year’s end (it depends on the cooperation of his wife).  Truth be told, we’re pretty excited about it. And we know that their fans will completely freak out!

So did you read it? And did your perverse and TV Shows obsessed little brain immediately jump to the same conclusions that mine did?

X-Files heroes Fox Mulder + Dana Scully!! Yes, God, please let it be for real!

I know that this is practically inconceivable now, but back in the days of 90s TV, a show could go on years without ANY sex scenes and I mean NADA!

Meanwhile geeks all over the world were glued to their TV screens watching the X-Files religiously and hoping for a little bit of action between agents Scully and Mulder…especially considering that the sexual tension between those two was undeniable!

But no,10 years of X-files and all we got was a few very lame kisses (which by the way have all been compiled in the vid below…ehehe enjoy!) so imagine our excitement in hearing that these two might be doing it in real life!

Once again, let it be true PLEASE. And if it is true, please let us have the sex tape…possibly with an alien in the background and the smoking man watching the entire thing!!


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