Steel Panther : Death to all but metal (and boobies !)


Steel Panther

I still remember the first time I accidently saw this band playing live. It was at this year’s Hellfest and I just didn’t understand at all why so many people looked that much interested. What is this band stuck in the 80’s and completely ridiculous? I ended up not paying  attention to their show. What a big mistake! Because I obviously totally missed the point that day: Steel Panther is a parody! But they do it so well that anyone could believe it’s for real. I decided to definitely change my point of view by enjoying of one their show.

What if Back To The Future car was stolen by four musicians in the 80’s and that they end up in 2012 playing the same music (with the same look!) as before? Well, here you are! You may think that metalheads don’t have a good sense of humour, to prove you wrong, just take a look at tonight’s set list : “Just Like Tiger Woods”, “Asian Hooker”, “It Won’t Suck Itself” or “17 Girls In A Row”. Now we’re talking. And when you got four dudes in their forties wearing amazing spandex pants playing these tunes on stage, you know you gonna spend a good time. I do believe that the best parodies are the one done with at least as much ambition and quality than the originals. In this case, Steel Panther is formed by four really talented musicians (I actually thought as some point that they were using playback!). Let’s specially mention Mr Michael Starr (singer) and his wingman Mr Satchel (guitar). If you understand English (well if you read that, you should…), then I defy you not to laugh while listening to a song like “If you really really love me” or “Tomorrow Night”:

Ponies and Clowns, they’ll be walking around
Naked People having sex all over the ground
Britney Spears is making out with Christopher Walken
In the backyard Iron Maiden is rockin’
The couch is on fire and nobody cares
Charlie Sheen is winning in the bedroom upstairs YEAH!

The recipe is simple : short catchy songs with (really) funny (and stupid) lyrics. All of this pushed by four members, each one playing a role. Have you ever seen a musician putting some spray in his hair or checking his make up with a mirror on stage ? Welcome to Steel Panther’s world !
Oh well, I was about to forget something. You may not remember, but rock music in the 80’s was mainly all about girls and boobs right ? So yeah, they do respect the tradition… and the audience too ! I’ve never seen that many boobies at a concert, it was just insane. Satchel had the good idea to write a few dirty sentences in French on his hand to interact with the crowd. Result : they ended up playing a song with 12 half naked girls from the audience on stage. Party time !

As Mickey Rourke character was saying in The Wrestler : Nirvana killed all the fun from the 80’s. That’s probably true but lucky us, because Steel Panther can just make us feel like we all took a ride in Doc’s Delorean !

Click here for complete setlist

Steel Panther (Le Bataclan – Paris – 10.30.2012)


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