Black Light Burns, and it sounds good !


“Well well well, what do we got here ? Black Light Burns you said… That’s a pretty cool name, what is it about ? Oh, a solo project from Wes Borland, known as being the mastermind behind all cool guitar parts in Limp Bizkit. Wait what ? Gimme that !” Basically, this could be your reaction when first hearing about this not so new band.

Not so new because they already released 2 records and the first one (Cruel Melody released in 2007) is simply one of the best thing I’ve heard within the last few years ! Wes Borland’s creativity doesn’t need to be proved, and the fact he was helped by Ross Robinson (aka God in case you didn’t know yet), Josh Freese (check his wikipedia page and who he played with, you gonna cry) or Danny Lohner (ex Nine Inch Nails) gives you an idea of what we were expecting. The idea here was to express all the anger kept during years, one can definitely hear that this record switches from pure controlled wrath (“Lie“) to beautiful ambient songs (“Iodine Sky“). Whatever your kind of music is, you’d find something that moves your guts, chances are, it’d build a ball in your stomach or your throat, something that want to go out.

Where Cruel Melody had a clean, surgery like, sound which made the album sounds really metal, The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall is way more raw than it’s predecessor. Here we can hear and feel experiences done in the studio with a lot of unusual instruments (banjo on “How To Look Naked” !) and weird sounds (is that a track click on obsessive track “The Colour Escapes” ?). And if Wes Borland is not an amazing singer, he at least gives it all with sincerity and developed his own universe. What to expect ? Beards, WTF, anger and more WTF. As a proof we invite you to take a look at the video below.

Black Light Burns is more than just a rock/metal band, it’s a will from a multi talented artist to introduce the rest of the world inside his  crazy/angry universe. He already caught us and we hope you’ll join soon !


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