Taken By Trees : an Open Letter



Dear Victoria, I think there was a misunderstanding. It all started well when I discovered your project Taken By Trees with the awesome East Of Eden a few years ago. To this day, it’s still a lovely record that I recommend to a lot of people. Your travel to Pakistan obviously was a great source of inspiration and this album belongs to the rare category of those that can actually make us “see” something, not only “hear”. You managed to build landscapes, scenes and moods like only a few can. That’s why I’d still recommend anyone to give it a listen.

You can then imagine that I was curious to meet the person who was behind this amazing piece of music. I was really happy to get an interview with you. From there, it all went wrong… You may remember, one of the first thing I asked you, off the record, was “are you ok ? You look tired…”. I was worried for you. Probably not the best way to start an interview, I admit. I also agree that I didn’t have the best questions in the world. I wish I had more time to prepare it. What came next was probably the worst interview I ever made… I’m still not sure if I’m gonna publish it or not. Let’s be honest : it clearly felt like you didn’t want to talk that day (I was the only interview in Paris), and I wasn’t the only one to feel that… Anyway, you were there to play a show, let’s talk about it then.

Let’s forget about the annoying opening act, you had nothing to do with it. Things started pretty well: good sound, interesting instruments on stage and a big screen showing dreamy videos. I couldn’t help but notice that you looked kind of absent. I’m not saying an artist has to smile on stage or be friendly (hey, I mainly go to metal shows !) but I like to feel when someone is happy to share something, happy to be here, happy to meet his audience. What about taking a look at Amanda Palmer’s presentation at Ted ? Maybe you’ll then understand what I mean. Your musicians did a good job, although I was a bit scared for your chorister as she looked very very sad the whole time. I’m also not sure about the way you were sometimes staring at your drummer… Did he do something wrong ? All these elements combined were distracting and did nothing to help me enter your universe – it felt so remote from the impact that East Of Eden had on me.

Don’t get me wrong here – I totally respect your new direction: Other Worlds is a good record and we can hear the love you put in it. But then the show ended and you decided to say goodbye, in a pretty cold way, adding that there would be no encore. That was it.

I think there was a misunderstanding. Like I told you, I know what’s it like to be on tour, far from your family, friends etc… Tonight was the last date on your European tour. Usually, bands celebrate, enjoy these last moments together before going back home. But I think that in your head you were already back home that day. The picture you posted… Please, tell me it’s true. That’s the only reason I can think of to explain how disappointing this show was.

Hope we’ll meet again, next time preferably on a sunny day.

Taken By Trees (Le Point Ephémère – Paris – 02.20.2013)

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