Ink me ! Mondial du tatouage Paris 2013



Almost two years ago, we enjoyed an amazing event in Paris:  the Tattoo Art Fest.  I don’t exactly know what happened to that one, but some true believers decided to launch the same kind of initiative, Mondial du tatouage, once again in Paris. Among the organizers was the most famous French tattoo artist: Tin-Tin. It took us about five seconds to decide:  hell yes!! Let’s go check out some outrageous tattoos!

First, let me point out that when you attend this kind of event it means that:
a) If your skin is still virgin, you will feel a desperate need to get some ink!
b) If you already have some ink, you will feel a super-extra-desperate need to get some more!

Once there, it’s really hard not to be astounded by the quantity of artists coming from every corner of the world. Some are celebrities – like Paul Booth – some are new names in the tattoo world but what is sure is that every possible style is represented! This is the kind of place where you can find everything from retro tattoos, girly ones, Japanese, gothic, ugly cats – trust me, absolutely everything! It’s even possible to get inked old-school style by two guys at the same time (maximum levels of pain guaranteed!). Tickets were definitely not cheap, but the event was pretty unique and the venue really excellent!

I have to admit that I don’t completely get how people can stand to be tattooed in such a place, with zero privacy and a bunch of strangers taking pictures of your private parts! I mean, this is typically the kind of moment in which you look at your worst – sweating to endure the pain, tears coming down your face and desperately trying to think of something else so that you don’t look like a wimp. Luckily not everybody shares this opinion and there was plenty of people getting their ink done and very happy to be looked at while doing so!

We were lucky to be there on Friday morning, when it was not yet crowded and when you could hear the lovely buzzing of needles already filling the entire space. All in all, a lot of fun and the perfect opportunity to take some crazy pictures of some crazy people.Enjoy our captions and hope to see you there next year!

By the way, here is a small list of tattoo artists we got to see in action and who completely blew our minds:

- (NEED !)

- (pretty unique style)


- (amazing drawings)

- (childish, colorful, awesome !)



Mondial du tatouage 2013 (Paris – 03.22.2013)

Thanks a lot to Brigitte and Jérémy !


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