Mesparrow live – the bird took off !



Sometimes I just can’t believe how much I hate computers. Let’s take an easy example: a dead hard drive. Probably happened to you before, right? The story is that two years ago we discovered Mesparrow as an opening act for the amazing Cascadeur. Alone on stage, a raw music based on vocal loops and a true personality. We were charmed and even filmed her for an interview that night. You never saw it and you probably never will. All thanks to a dead hard drive. RIP.

In light of that we obviously couldn’t wait to see her again, especially now that we finally heard her first record (pretty good btw). The music festival Les femmes s’en mêlent made our wish come true with a lovely night focused on female singers held in a very pleasant venue (Le Divan du Monde). Still, the night started really, really, really (x 100) bad with Perrine en Morceaux. In all honesty, I really don’t understand that kind of (so called) “musical” project : meaningless video projections, bad beats, “voice noises” (yeah, we can’t really call that “singing”!) drowned in a sauce of cheap effects. It felt like watching  one of those artsy/elitist tv channel late at night. By the way, was it me or the audience didn’t even applaud between songs ? Eh well, farewell my friend.

Thank god (or whoever is involved), Peau were next on the list and brought hope back. Playing a brand of nice and dreamy pop music, the band, and especially their singer, looked a bit shy at first. Explanations came a bit later during the show – it was one of their first public performance ! That’s when I stopped doubting and started respecting them. Singing and whispering in French, the Peau’ singer – Perrine - shared with us her little stories and hassles. It was a  real cozy and intimate show, just as we like it. The band looked pretty happy to be there and started to gain confidence in the stage little by little. The last songs allowed us to hear what Perrine can create with her voice when she pushes it, and it was great! Guys, keep on the good work and be more confident – you got something special going on!

Peau (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.25.2013)

But the one artist that everybody is waiting for tonight is of course Mesparrow. Now supported by a well received first record, we must admit that the studio rendition of a few songs we knew sounded a bit frustrating. At first glimpse, we didn’t hear the magic that seduced us the first time. That’s why we wanted to check that live. And guess what ? The answer is “yes, she still got it”! Surrounded by a few charming elements on stage and very strong lights (sorry for the shitty pictures below), she entered the stage enveloped just like some kind of religious icon. Loops slowly started and magic became true. Mesparrow kept on developing her character and exploring her universe. Her new songs definitely reach another level of magnificence when played live.

During the one hour show we slowly move from a childlike universe (well, more a tweener one actually) with “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” to an almost lyrical singing on “The Symphony”. I shall not forget to mention the brilliant cover of “Stand By Me” and a crazy rendition of “My Heart Belongs To Daddy“. Such a rich variety of universes made the concert really interesting and we were captivated until the end of the show. Mesparrow really succeeded in transposing her own world on a stage while combining a weird mix of influences (did you hear the mambo vibe?). Can’t wait for what’s coming next !

Mesparrow (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.25.2013)

Thanks to Marion !


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