Molly Gene : one woman, one ass kicked !



When we discovered the lineup of Les femmes s’en mêlent festival, a part from a few bands that we  already knew, we were particularly intrigued by one voice : Molly Gene One Whoaman Band. A little video found online sparked our interest and we wanted to see that with our own eyes and especially listen to it with ears wide-open.

We arrive a bit late to the show, Molly Gene is already performing but somehow we manage to dig our way towards the stage. First thought – the sound is fkn powerful! Once we have our ear protection in place, we realize that this lady is rocking her boots out on some kind of foot drums (a kind of weird and magical artifact that allows you to play all parts of a drum-set with only your feet).
Now, we always think that you must have balls to entertain an audience all by yourself and Molly Gene is certainly a ballsy woman. On top of that she’s got great charisma and her voice travels around, screams, goes back to blues et then back to almost hard-rock. Even though the music and the rhythm stay pretty constant, we don’t get bored, not even for a second. Little breaks are fun too as she jokes around with us and explain her next songs. This lady is a real character and it’s almost impossible to resist her charm. Her honesty pays off as the audience goes crazy and even us, we are not immune. Dear Molly, if you read this, we would be honored to have a chat with you next time you’re in Paris perhaps around a few glasses of wine ;)

Molly Gene (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.27.2013)


After this great show, the atmosphere changes with Teen who is gonna try to captivate us with its psychedelic pop. They’re young, american and good looking but not necessarily some kind of hipster trap. They’re good and, even though it’s hard not to compare them with Warpaint, Teen is slightly more psychedelic and tries to stay away for the « singles » format. The songs are long and some power climaxes makes us shiver a bit (and yeah, it’s a good thing!). Our only critique is that the show is a bit close as the four musicians seem to play more for them than for the audience. Lizzie (keys) and Katherine (drums) keep the same facial expression for 45 minutes, while Teeny (guitar/voice) and Jane (bass) manage to share a bit more with the public. It’s a detail, but this tiny barrier doesn’t allow us to get fully in the trip.

Teen (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.27.2013)


We don’t know the biggest name of the line-up tonight, Talk Normal. We think it’s great that this festival promotes original and experimental bands with no snobbery. However this main act just doesn’t work for us. We listened to the studio versions of Andrya and Sarah’s songs and it wasn’t half bad. However their live show is kind of different and somehow problematic. Their songs just don’t seem to take off nor looking for anything in particular. The singing is not bad but we could do without… It’s like if it was a bad feminine version of Swans who struggle to find a direction. It’s experimental, but not much. It’s melodic, but not enough. Sorry, we don’t want to sound like assholes. We are just trying to be honest and, very honestly, we had to leave the room after half an hour and judging from the audience, we were not the only ones slightly put off  by this band…

Talk Normal (Divan du Monde – Paris – 03.27.2013)


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