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Shit, did you know that Eminem is 41 years old?? I have just found that out since he’s now all over the place with his new (and very good) new album that I will review very soon. This piece of info makes me feel seriously old…

But life is well architecture anyway and a few months ago I have stumbled upon Black Sun, the video of two youngsters who give us their own blend of dubstep, as aggressive as it is melodic. Wow, my friends. Wow. The need to be in a dark steamy room surrounded by hot dancing bodies is almost immediate. So I started my investigations and find out that this awesome little bomb was made by Eleonore and Engus, (two siblings that are only 16 and 17 years old!) under the name Carbon Airways.

I have always heard that new musical trends can only come from the new generations and now I start to seriously believe it! It’s with no hesitation that I then dive completely into this second EP, named Black Sun, mixed by a certain Dave Sardygo look him up on Wikipedia, your nose is gonna bleed!

The sound is serious and heavy – on one side you have Engus who’s obviously a metal fan and probably an angry guy, on the other you have his sister, Eleonore, with a voice as deep as aerial. You have to imagine what Skrillex would sound like if only he would express entirely his metalhead influences.
With this EP, like with Crystal Castles, listening can be very much like experiencing an out-of-body kind of way (Black Sun), as it can makes you feel like kicking the walls with anger (DNA Providence). There is something out of Prodigy in the way Carbon Airwaves mixes and matches styles and delivers such golden tracks. And then again, it looks like this French duo is only starting to find their path.

And even though Conquest has some minor weaknesses to it, it’s completely forgivable. The only real frustration is that this is only an EP, which contains three (decent but nothing more) remixes. I would be curious to see what these two could do on a LP or, even better, in front of a live audience. What’s really cool is that I haven’t had a musical crush for a long time and I am definitely into these guys. Try it now and thank me later.

Many thanks to Nina!

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LLm9 July, 2015 à 3 h 29 min

I Love This

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