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BorowitzReport What can we learn from the BP oil spill, the Segway, and the war in Afghanistan? Starting is easier than stopping.

Nick_Nolte Woke up with a family of geese eatin’ crumbs out of my beard. Fuckin’ hate mondays.

thebenbrooks Baby, baby!  Listen, it’s not YOU, it’s the humidity.

robdelaney I just paid $800 for an MP3 of Pavarotti farting into a crystal salad bowl.

juicymorsel No door to jam. No seatbelt to stick. No way to fall asleep at the wheel. How does a slow-moving Segway carry you accidentally off a cliff?

BorowitzReport Monday not-to-do list: 1) Hiking in Iran 2) Mining in Chile 3) Riding Segway in cliffy area

iamnotdiddy Never take ecstasy with a squirrel named… hey, squirrel dude, what’s your name? Charles? Never take ecstasy with a squirrel named Charles.

badbanana Looking forward to Wall Street 3 (summer 2033).

alexblagg It’s important to go to street festivals sometimes so you can be reminded why you should never go to street festivals

robdelaney One thing I’ll never understand is how anyone could ever hurt a child, or unfollow me on Twitter.

tremendousnews I think in football, if they called groin injuries “pee pee boo boos” it could help ratings.

ConanOBrien Rmbr – dooont Twet whljik you driv. It is dngrou7s

serafinowicz You snooze, you lose. But at least you’ve had a snooze.

andrewti “I’m not Bob Dylan, I’m Philippino!” — this party is going fine.

sarah_haskins Poem for Fall in the valley: Quietly/the termites hatch/soft wings beating in the 105 heat/then they die/all gross in the tub/glad I rent

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